Rocky Mountain Boston Terrier Club

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The Rocky Mountain Boston Terrier Club is dedicated to promoting the breed and assuring the ongoing welfare of Boston Terriers.

We are a diverse group of Boston Terrier lovers who actively show in confirmation, agility, and obedience. We are also casual pet owners, supporters of rescue, and members who simply love Boston Terriers.

We are an affiliate of the Boston Terrier Club of America and sanctioned by the AKC.  Thank you for your interest in our club!

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Upcoming Colorado Shows in 2020

 Date(s) of Show
  Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club
Milliken, CO
1/26 (closes 1/9)
 Rocky Mountain All Terrier Club
 Denver, CO
 2/13 (closes 1/29)
 Colorado Kennel Club
 Denver, CO
 2/14-16 (closes 1/29)
 Terry All Kennel Club
 Brighton, CO
 4/10-12 (closes 3/25)
 Colorado Springs Kennel Club
 Peyton, CO
 4/19 (closes 4/19)
 Flatirons Kennel Club
 Longmont, CO
 5/29-31 (closes 5/13)
 Plum Creek Kennel Club of CO
 Aurora, CO
 6/12-14 (closes 5/27)
 Greeley Kennel Club
 Greeley, CO
 8/15-16 (closes 7/29)
 Evergreen Kennel Club
 Greeley, CO
 9/5-6 (closes 8/19)
 Flatirons Kennel Club
 Longmont, CO
 11/6-8 (closes 10/21)