Rocky Mountain Boston Terrier Club

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RMBTC About Boston Terriers

The RMBTC enjoys educating the public and potential Boston Terrier owners about our wonderful breed.

Bostons are lively, intelligent little dogs and make excellent companions. This is no surprise, since this is exactly the job that Bostons were bred to do! They bond very closely with their families. We believe the saying is true--you have never been loved until you've been loved by a Boston!

Pet Boston Terriers require very little grooming--just an occasional nail trim, teeth brushing, and bath is all they need to keep their "formal attire" in good shape. Because they have short hair, they do not tolerate extreme temperatures. Bostons are inside dogs and cannot be kept outside in the elements. Generally speaking, if you are comfortable, your Boston will be too.

The Boston Terrier is a brachiocephalic breed. This gives them their adorable "smushed" face, but can also cause breathing problems. There are other health problems associated with Bostons, notably deafness, juvenile cataracts, and patella problems. Reputable breeders test their puppies and breeding stock for these problems to ensure your puppy will be a healthy, happy companion for many years.